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ePub Maker 1.65

Make your ePub eBooks easily from Word documents. Hot. DocX Viewer
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With ePub Maker, You don't need buy and learn to use any other editor for your ebook, just take advantage of your existing MS Word.
By converting Word doc and webpages to epub easily and perfectly, ePub Maker is an easy-to-use and also professional tool for making ePub Books and brochures from MS Word document and webpages.
If you need only conversion from Word to epub, please see ePub Maker Special: the professional doc to epub converter, which is a special edition of ePub Maker, designed only for Word users to convert Word doc to ePub, easier to use and at a lower price.
ePub is already the standard format on mobile devices, eReaders and tablets, from tablet like iPad, eReaders like Nook to smart phones like iPhone. With this tool, you can easily make your own ebook, or e-brochures for your business, you can aslo view your business documents reports on your new devices.

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